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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Privacy Center of The Doctors Guardian, we respect your privacy. By this notice, we make a promise to you that we will look after your privacy.

In the next parts, we will illustrate to you how your data is collected and used.

Where can privacy notice be used?

This privacy notice notifies how the The Doctors Guardian pacts with the personal information shared by the business corporations when people visit https://www.thedoctorsguardian.com/ and its server.

When you are listed to be a member of the The Doctors Guardian, it means that we can use your data according to this privacy notice.

Collect Information

When you register at The Doctors Guardian, use The Doctors Guardian’s products or services, we’ll bring together your personal data. If you want to be a member of the The Doctors Guardian, it is essential for you to fill in the info, comprising a name and registered e-mail address.

In addition, if you select the Products Delivery Service, it is essential for you to fill in your actual name, complete address, contact number, as well as postal code. The Doctors Guardian provides improved service to its members by finding members’ statistical details from this registered info.

Use of Information

The Doctors Guardian gathers clients’ data to provide better-concentrated services. After becoming a member of The Doctors Guardian, we will provide you with the following services by inspecting your registered information:

The Doctors Guardian will never provide, retail, rent, or share our user’s personal details with the third party unless following situations as exemptions:

  • When we are permitted to share the details with the third party by our customers.
  • Whenever, without sharing your personal details, the products and services you need will not be possible to give.
  • When, the third party, the substitute of The Doctors Guardian and The Doctors Guardian provide services together.
  • When we are required to provide your details by law and the government.
  • We find out that you refuse to comply with the service terms of the The Doctors Guardian or rules of other products and services.
    The Revision of the Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of the The Doctors Guardian develops constantly. With the growth of our service area, we will modernise the privacy policy whenever there is something new. You can look over this notification at any time. Except for the large boundary of amendment in personal details, The Doctors Guardian won’t notify the customers of the update.

Contact The Doctors Guardian

If you would like to contact us for any reason concerning our privacy practices, please write to us at the following email address: info@thedoctorsguardian.com